It may not be necessary to explain, but it is a game machine for gambling called a slot machine.

The rule is simple, just bet and spin more than the minimum amount required to invest money and make one turn. The difficulty level is low and even beginners can easily understand it, so it helped to popularize the casino.

Slot type

First of all, the machine slot of the land casino and the video slot of the online casino can be roughly divided into two. This time, we will introduce the types of slots at online casinos.

Jackpot slot

A jackpot is generally called a JACKPOT, but a slot in which JACKPOT is set as a jackpot prize is called a jackpot slot.

It is a slot where a certain percentage of the stake is pooled as a part of the prize money, and one jackpot winner collects the total amount of the pool so far.

The jackpot amount can be over 2 billion , so you can dream of a lot of money.

Classic slots

The reel is three venerable slots.

From ultra-simple slots with only one payline to five paylines: upper, middle, lower, and two diagonals.

Video slot

All online casino slots are displayed on the screen and can be called video slots, but they are called video slots to distinguish slots other than the above two slots.

5 reel slot

In online casinos, this 5-reel slot is more mainstream than the 3-reel classic slot.

By arranging bonus symbols called scatters, you can win free spins and aim for big hits.

Paylines and rules vary depending on the slot, so I would like to check each time I change the machine.

New online casino slots are introduced every day.

Recently, not only the 5-reel slot frame, but also the falling block slot, which is like PuyoPuyo, where the symbols fall from the top and disappear when the symbols are aligned, becomes a dividend.

There are also slots without reels other than the falling block slots. You will never get bored with the wide range of choices you can play in which slot.

How to play online casino slots

The big difference between pachislot and online casino slots is the difference in the elements that can be technically intervened.

Pachislot has the concept of push and ceiling, and the results will differ depending on the skill of the striker, but the slots of online casinos are determined by a random number generator called RNG, and the results are completely random.

The series of operations of the slot is shown briefly.

  • Deposit in the casino and choose a slot to play
  • Check the payline etc. and select the amount to bet
  • Select the spin button
  • You can get a dividend when you have all the symbols

The bet amount depends on the slot. Most slots can be played from $ 0.1 to $ 0.2 per rotation.

Slots that can be turned with a really small bet amount can be played from $ 0.01 (about 1 yen), and the maximum bet amount of Hawaii and Dream is $ 500, which makes it possible to play in a spectacular game.

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